A modern lifestyle accessory brand designed to inspire creativity, passion, and ambition. Here at Blkspade we pride ourselves in our unique high quality products & outstanding customer service. When you purchase one of our products, you are not simply buying a Blkspade accessory, you are joining a community, a movement, and more importantly a family.
We love what we do here at Blkspade, our passion is what drives us to produce better products and to continuously come out with new & exciting ideas.
Our customer service team is made up of amazing people who are eager to help you with whatever you may need.
We go above and beyond to solve any issue you may have, no matter what.

More reasons to shop Blkspade:
  • Lifetime Guarantee - If any of our products fade, break or tarnish we will repair it and replace it for free.
  • We provide free shipping on all domestic orders.
  • Responsibly sourced luxury - Our brand believes in sustainable luxury, we obtain the majority of our diamonds and precious metals from known mines and sources, because we believe that traceability is the best way to help ensure environmentally and socially responsible practices.

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